What is WiNi Guide?

WiNi Guide helps people create, share and sell beautiful audio-routes traveling or from the home chair.

Here’s how it works for you:

Create the private routes for your friends.

Put markers on the map and upload audio-notes for each place. After the route is created, just share it with your friends and that’s it. These routes will be completely private and no one can see them or use them except you and your friends you shared it with.

Create public routes and earn money.

Put markers on the map within your "dashboard" upload audio notes to each marker, assign a price to each route and finally click "Publish", you're done! In your profile you can put your preferences about where and how you want to receive your money. You publish and sell routes but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it away to your friends for free, simply click on "share".

Create the private routes for yourself.

Select places, set markers, upload audio-notes for yourself and go ahead.

Create romantic routes for your significant other.

Create a route by placing markers and finish your route at the right place where it is supposed the other person will be given the gift, flowers or whatever (could be a store, florist etc.) Share this route with that person! It will be romantic, funny and different!

Create routes for your guests!

You can be even more then just a host renting your home - create audio-routes about your neighborhood, city or place and offer it to your guests. Add custom link to the summary of your home.

You can inspire people by using WiNiGuide in a personal and different way.

Try, experiment and give your personal way to use the app! Make it known to other users sharing your experiences, everyone will be thankful!